Core Business
Technological achivements


VSAIN GROUP is developed by former Cangzhou Environmental Protection Development Co., LTD. The company finished shareholding system transformation in April of 1999 and changed into a private share-issuing enterprise. After increased the registered capital to 20 million RMB in December of 2003, the company was renamed as Hebei Wansheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology Group Co., LTD, which abbreviates as VSAIN GROUP.
     There are four independent branch companies under VSAIN GROUP£¬ they are Cangzhou Shengyuan Biological Science And Technology Co.,Ltd., Shenzhou Shengyu Environmental Protection and Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd., Shengji Sewage Treatment Co.,Ltd and Cangzhou Shengli Environmental Science Research Institute. Other seven sections are at the second level, including Cangzhou TDI sewage treatment plant and six separate offices all over China.
     In the last several years, VSAIN GROUP' products and services have earned a good reputation among its customers for their excellent quality. So VSAIN GROUP was twice awarded as one of the top ten environmental protection enterprises in Hebei province in 2000 and 2001, and been chosen as one of the ¡°Credit Enterprises of AAA Grade¡± by the Agricultural Bank from 2001 to 2003. Now VSAIN GROUP is one of the members of the council of ¡°China Environment Newspaper¡±.

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